Our Curriculum

Primary Secondary Technical Vocational
English Maths Computers
Maths Geography Garment Construction
Shona Science Carbinet Making
Religious Studies Accounts Book Keeping
Social Studies English Business Calculations
Agriculture Agriculture Stone Curving
Environmental Science Fashion and Fabrics
Art Food and Nutrition
Computers Carpentry


  1. Netball
  2. Soccer boys and girls
  3. Volleybal boys and girls
  4. Athletics:
    Field Events: Javelin, Short put, Discus, Huddles, Long Jump, High Jmp.
    Track Events: 75m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 1250m, 4800m
  5. Infant Sports: Bin Bag, Sack Race, Balloon popping, egg or potato race, clothes race, tie your shoe lace, bottle sand fill.
  6. Clubs: dance Zimbabwe, Drama etc
  7. Sporting Competitions: CASA games, EPSA games, Cluster games, Danhiko Paralympics games